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Ponger 2000

PONGER 2000 Ltd. is Israel's largest and most well-known supplier for the Screen and Digital Glass fields. Our stainless reputation stems from marketing of high-quality products, prompt and high professional technical service and reliability, which has grown from close and beneficial customer relationships.


Screen Printing

Among other products, we stock and supply a wide variety of Screen inks, including solvent based, UV-curable, series of Tampon inks, many other special tailor-made and Digital inks. We import security, medical and very special inks.

Furthermore, we supply screen printing fabric and emulsions etc. 

We distribute flexible pressure sensitive films, polycarbonates, PP, PET, magnets and other substrates. 


Our experienced staff and technicians advise on imported screen-printing machines, screen-making equipment etc. In our company's headquarter, we are offering fine color-matching services, as well as equipment that ensures excellent and complete screen making dept. Additionally, our training center offers courses for new customers.



We hold a range of self-adhesive materials, substrates and inks. We provide services for digital printing machines and adapt our inks to substrates.



We import, hold and sell a wide range of films for glasses, for cars, building, security, Decoration.


Architecture Products

We distribute special meshes, metals and products for architecture projects.


Special Products

Due to the market demands we import special products and help companies to find and utilize the appropriate product needed.

Ponger 2000 Ltd. represents and distributes products from a large number of selected manufacturers, including: (Coates-Wiederhold) Sun-Chemical-DE, Sun-Chemical-UK, Sun-Chemical-USA, Coates-Electrographics UK. Polyone-USA, Amex-it, Quimovil-SP, VFP-FR, NBC-JP, Intercoat-DE, Molco-BE, Grunig-CH, Luscher-CH, Natgraph-UK, GPE-IT, Viprotech-NL, Keywell-TW, Cherokee-USA, RKS-DE, Fimor-Fr. Longhua-China,  Omay-China, Polyflex-China, NewFoam-KR, Colorcon-USA, Garware-IN, Johnson Lamination-USA, Reflectiv-FR, GlassFilm-Gasper/Solyx/Slimglass-USA and others. 


Each of our products that we are selling is selected from a wide range of high quality products that are steadily gaining popularity among our customers.


PONGER 2000 Ltd.

140 Levinsky st.

Tel-Aviv 6602043


tel: + 972 3 6880 319

Mob.: + 972 544 524000 

fax:  + 972 3 6880938


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